Why learn Hindi?


Hindi is the 4th most spoken language in the world with around 400 million speakers.


Hindi and Urdu are considered to be the same language, but written in different scripts, so learning Hindi will also allow you to speak and understand Urdu.


India is culturally rich and learning Hindi will allow learners to fully embrace the fascinating culture of the Hindi speaking areas in North India, which are rich in literature, poetry, wisdom, philosophy and of course Bollywood films and songs.


India is one of the most exotic, fascinating and exciting countries in the world to travel to and is a country full of history and ancient traditions. Knowing Hindi will help you get around, get to know the people and truly immerse yourself in the culture.


Although 10% of its population speak English, that leaves another 90% that do not! Being able to speak Hindi will open many doors and allow people to communicate with many Indians who do not speak English, particularly in the North.


India's economy is growing and Hindi could be a useful language to know in the future.


Finally, if you are not learning for any of the above reasons, maybe you are learning for family reasons or just general interest in Hindi and Indian culture.


Whatever the reason, Hindi is a fascinating language and not as difficult as you might think.

Basic Hindi phrases


नमस्ते                                  Hello



आप कैसे हैं?                     How are you?

(ap kesay hey)  


मेरा नाम... है                     My name is...

(mera naam...hey)


मैं हिंदी बोलना हूँ                I speak Hindi

(may hindi bolta hoo)


मैं नहीं समझता                        I don't understand

(may nahee samajta)


ठीक                                      OK



कोई बात नहीं                      No problem

(koy bat nahee)


फिर मिलेंगे                         See you later

(peer milengay)



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