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Q. How much do lessons cost?

A. Most tutors charge around £25 per hour for one student and £30-£35 per hour for 2 students. Please enquire for larger groups. Tutors at Medway Languages set their own rates and can change rates at any time. Please check with your tutor when you enquire about lessons.

Q. How long do lessons last?

A. Lessons last approximately one hour

Q. Where do lessons take place?

A. Lessons generally take place at the tutor's home (all tutors are based in Medway or locally in Kent). Some tutors will travel to the student's house upon request depending on their schedules and availability. Some tutors may charge extra for fuel when travelling to teach at a student's home.

Q. When do lessons take place?

A. At Medway Languages, most tutors teach at any time of the day; morning, afternoon or evening from Monday to Friday. Some tutors also offer lessons at the weekend. Please enquire to check your tutor's availability.

Q. How are lessons structured?

A. Each tutor teaches according to his or her own teaching style. Generally lessons will involve the use of a course book and hand outs and will include a mix of skills: speaking, reading, listening & writing.

Q. What will I need during lessons?

A. Students are generally required to bring a pen, a notepad and may be required to purchase a course book to bring to lessons also. However, paper and pens can be provided if necessary.

Q. Do tutors issue homework?

A. Tutors generally give homework after lessons. Homework may include learning material from lessons, a piece of writing or the completion of exercises to practice material learnt in lessons. We understand that many students have other commitments, whether work, family life or studies and therefore the completion of homework is the responsabilty of each individual student.

Q. How long does it take to learn a language?

A. Medway Languages Tuition strives to get students to a competent level as quickly as possible. However, it would be unrealistic for students to believe they can be fluent in just a few months. How quickly you you progress depends on your own ability and how hard you are willing to work to achieve your aims. I have taught some people who have become conversational in a language in just one year and others who struggle to hold a conversation after several years of learning. Learning a new language is challenging and can take many years, but the rewards are great and you will find that you will be able to use your language skills at a basic level quite quickly.

Q. Can I have a taster session before committing?

A. Medway Languages Tuition does not offer free taster sessions for students. However if students are not satisfied with lessons, they may cancel lessons at any time after beginning them.

Q. How are lessons paid for?

A. Lessons can be paid directly after each lesson or paid for in advance. All tutors accept payment in cash. Some tutors accept payment by bank transfer. Please ask your tutor about their preferred method of payment.

Q. Do tutors offer discounts?

A. Whilst most students pay for lessons as they learn, some tutors do offer discounts if a block of lessons is booked and paid for in advance. Some tutors will offer a discount if asked, particularly if a customer is not in a financial position to pay for the full cost of lessons. This is at each individual tutor's discretion.

Q. Are tutors DBS checked?

A. Some of our tutors are DBS checked, but not all. Our tutors are self-employed and currently it is not possible for self employed individuals to apply for a DBS check on their own behalf, nor is it a legal requirement for tutors to have a DBS certificate. Some of our tutors, however, are DBS checked by tutoring agencies or from current/previous employment. Please enquire if you would like to know if your tutor is DBS checked. 

Q. Can I stay whilst my child has a lesson with the tutor?

A. Yes. Parents are welcome to wait at the tutor's home whilst lessons take place or come back to pick them up after the lesson according to the preference of the parents.

Q. What if I have to cancel a lesson?

A. Most tutors will charge a cancellation fee if lessons are cancelled. Please ask your tutor about their cancellation policy when you begin lessons.

Q. Can I offer a block of languages lessons to someone as a gift?

A. Yes, Medway Languages Tuition offers personalised gift vouchers for language lessons. You can chose how many lessons you wish to give and we will send you the gift voucher in the post or directly to the person you wish to give the gift to. Please contact us dirctly to arrange a gift voucher.


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